bride and groom private dance lessons

Bride & Groom Private Lessons . . .

Congratulations you’re getting married . . .

Yippee . . . It’s all so exhilarating and exciting, but getting married requires a lot of hard work, effort, time and money.

You could say getting married resembles Christmas time but with 20 times the stress tag!

You are making a list and checking it twice and then; suddenly you remember . . .

We can’t dance ! ! !
What are we going to do for our First Dance ?
We have 2 left feet, we have never danced together before.
We will trip over each other !

These, and a million other negative thoughts starts racing through your brain.
What are we going to do for our First Dance?

Let's be honest we have all watched that embarrassing "FIRST WEDDING DANCE" where the couples will
just "sway back and forth" through the duration of their First Dance and suddenly
those 3 minutes begin to feel like a life sentence instead of a joyful happy occasion.

Well the one thing you do know is you don’t want to be That Couple !

So now that you have decided what you don’t want to be - now let's look at ways You can avoid that Embarrassing
"First Wedding Dance"
and celebrate the intimacy and love of your marriage by presenting a wonderful wedding dance,
in front of your families and friends at you wedding,

North East based offer a number of Wedding First Dance Lesson packages to suit your;
individual requirements, your wedding budget, and your timescale.

We can take away the worry of that First Dance so that it becomes for you and your partner one of the highlights of that special day.
A day filled with laughter, champagne and happy tears.
Whether you have danced before or are an absolute beginner,
we can help you shine on your First Dance on your great day.

Our aim is to enable you to feel comfortable on the dance floor
with either a simple start to the First Dance or something more elaborate.

What's involved with your wedding dance lessons?

If you live or work in the Dundalk, Carlingford , Newry, or North East area, we provide the following services . . .

The First Dance Song

You tell us the song you want to learn a dance routine to.

If you can't decide between a couple of songs, your wedding dance teacher can help you decide.

The Dance Experience Required

No previous dance experience is required.

It's really easy for non-dancers to be taught how to move around to the music.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you pick it up.

The Dance Routine & Dance Style

Traditional, Fun, Cheeky, Romantic, Sophisticated, Fast, Slow . . . You choose!

We will create a routine suitable for you. Easy, straightforward or complicated, it's up to you.

The dance style will be appropriate to the song you choose.

The routine we create for you will evolve with your input,
so you won't have anything too hard to do, or any routine that you're uncomfortable with.

The routine will also be designed with the bride's Dress in mind

Benefits of Wedding Dance Lessons

You will be comfortable with the routine on your Wedding Day.

Routine tailored to your dance ability.

Ability to practice in your Wedding Shoes beforehand.

Start sharing something that you can do together for years to come.

This will build your confidence, so that your guests will be asking you for lessons!

Design the perfect dance routine for your chosen song.

One less thing to stress about on the day!

Lessons are booked at times suited to you, subject to availability.


all you need do is contact us by Phone, E-mail or Facebook . . .

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